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Broken Riders Socks – From Sock Guy

Broken Riders Socks 

As a guy that seems to wear out socks fairly quickly, I’m pleased to say I’ve found some that appear to pass the test of time. This is possibly down to the fact they have been made with a double stitched heel and toe, adding strength and durability for a longer lasting product. They’re so comfy they’ve pretty much been worn/washed/worn/washed without a break for several months now. I think part of the comfort comes from the sizing system, only two sizes are available S/M and L/XL. This is the ‘Stretch-to-Fit’ sizing method which delivers the perfect fit for maximum comfort. They really feel like they’re hugging your feet, even after many months of wear there is no signs of any bagginess developing.

Broken Riders Socks

These socks are made from something called Turbo Wool, part Merino Wool, part Polypropylene. The Merino Wool enables the socks to help keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, and it honestly does work. The added Polypropylene adds strength to the material making them many times tougher than Merino Wool on its own. If you’re in the market for some decent socks, these are well worth a look.

Chris Lazenby.


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NDHuro- Proper Enduro

Northern Enduro – Kidland – 2013


This being one Northern Downhill’s events one could be sure that the gravity aspect of this enduro will be well and truly represented, it was. Having raced the DH the day before I mostly knew what was on offer for one of the stages, stage three in the enduro simply used the DH track with a small detour round the steepest section in the middle. With no time to walk these stages but a rough idea of what would be involved I opted to go for the same tyre choice as in the DH full on Continental Mud King spikes. The transitions between the stages followed the same routes that the uplift uses for the DH, one section of this near the top of stages one and two was interesting. Going through a recently felled area it was hard work in places but it did improve throughout the day though and with more bedding in it will be fine, the rain didn’t help though and made it a bit wet in places.


Stage one did not disappoint, starting on the top of the hill it used the same start point as Alwinton DH track, twisting and weaving between the roots and stumps in the open before the narrow tree section. As the track reached the fire road, stage one veered right for a quick pedal along the track before dropping off left into the infamously steep woodland of Alwinton. This unused and undug section of trail with it’s off camber straights and steep switchbacks meant that spikes where a huge advantage. The new spikes on the Mud Kings enabled the bike to hold high lines, opening up the tight corners which means a good constant speed could be carried through the whole section. A short pedal over some rocks and through a little stream, a short incline and back on the original DH track. Plenty more roots, stumps and tight trees before another infamous Alwinton section, the wooden bridge, this has stopped a few people in their tracks and halted many a flying run. Across the bridge, up the following bank and the final steep chute to the finish. Fantastic. Back up to the top for stage two, this started in the same place as stage one but turned left at the fire road, it had a similar feel to the first stage, fresh and loose trail but this was even steeper in places. The key to riding this was to keep a constant flow going, on the day I likened it to carving through powder on a snowboard. The more you stop and start the more awkward it becomes. This also brought you back onto the DH track just above the wooden bridge. The transition up to the top of stage three wasn’t too bad, being shorter than the others, you soon found yourself at the top of the Kidland DH track. As mentioned previously, this used the same track as in the DH the day before but with a minor detour round the steepest section in the middle. This stage was different to the other two, where they were fresh and loose, this was well cut in and used, fresh, loose ground replaced with rocks and roots. Some may criticise other gravity enduro events for not having enough of the gravity about them, the same could not be said here. The format was similar to other gravity enduro events, a number of stages to be timed on and make your own way between them but the use of course may have been different to what some may have been expecting. A quick look at the amount of DNS results show that some riders may have underestimated the types of track that Carl and his crew develop, certainly more favoured by the more technical riders.


The event ran with a very simple format, an open time was given for each stage, just make sure you complete each stage while it is open. This gave the riders the choice of squeezing in more practice but then having to race back up to fit in the first stage or, having a slightly more relaxed morning and getting up to stage one early and having more time in the afternoon. I opted for the later, this meant the trails were less cut up and I missed the worst of the rain in the afternoon.


The racing went largely without issue, no major delays to speak of. What I liked was the cumulative timing screen at the end of each stage, this showed you our overall place and category place. Knowing your position before moving onto the next stage gave you an idea of how to attack on the next run. Most of the riders who started stage one in the race went on to finish the event, most of the DNS results were from people who didn’t complete a single stage. The final stage on the DH track saw some big differences in the times being the most technical and the final steep corner into the finish ruined it for a few riders.


All in all I’d say the event was a big success, with the majority going home happy. They may be a place for the more mellow and less technically challenging gravity enduro events but personally I’d like to see more of these demanding, downhill orientated endure events.



Results –


14 – 18

James Purvis                        9:59:488

Peter Hook                            11:59:391

Jonny Kerr                            14:28:991


19 – 29

Calum Ross                          10:23:103

James Knowles                    10:38:067

Matthew Hakes                    10:53:494


30 – 39

Chris Lazenby                      10:11:208

Andrew Devine                    10:20:681

Lee Baxter                             10:43:054



Steve Deas                           11:12:545

Michael Strangeways         11:21:384

Brian Donkin’s mate!          14:37:628



Helen Gaskell                       11:39:034

Sarah Newman                    12:33:442

Angela Coates                     15:16:530


For full results see


Chris Lazenby.

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NDH #3 2013 Kidland- Race Report

Master's Podium NDH #3



Northern Downhill – Kidland – October 2013

Master’s Podium NDH #3

On the journey up to the race on Friday afternoon I was hoping not many changes had been made to the Kidland track, it is a track that suits me perfectly. Steep, tight and loose, these are a few of my favorite things. On track inspection I was happy, a few minor alterations to the taping opened up new lines, some of which weren’t easy in the mud but if hit correctly were certainly the way to a faster time.


As the very top of the hill has recently been felled, the track now starts a little lower down at the top of the existing trees. The first chute sent you into a very dark and tight section, those with lights possibly had a little advantage here. It was only dark for a short while but luckily no big obstacles here, just narrow between the trees. Out of the dark just in time for the start of the wet roots as the track entered a more open area of woodland and some fantastic rocky corners before a rather difficult narrow path section. This was awkward as entry speed was low and the wrong line choice had you trying to gain speed through a boulder field. A couple of small, tight bus stops and the track turned down into the best section of track I’ve ridden in a long time. It easily compares to the wooded Nationals track at Llangollen, steep chutes and very tight corners. Loose the bike here and the race was over, you could be falling for days. Some new lines here meant that various sections could be straight lined right down the fall line, hard to get onto in places but the speed carried through the following section was immense. A few loose rocky corners, a big drifty left hander over some roots and into the final section which many a rider struggled with. A low line to avoid the roots or jump over the top into a small compression before rising up and dropping down into a very steep and off camber right hand corner through the finish. The course needed your full attention to the very end, many attempts were ruined on that final corner, I only just managed to save mine despite Phil Grimes willing me to fall off.


Come practice Saturday morning and time to decide on tyres, I couldn’t decide to stay with the Der Kaisers already on the bike or go with Mud Kings. The tracks reasonably rocky nature lead me to go with the Der Kaisers. With a good uplift route and a quick turn around it was possible to get in plenty of practice despite some peoples fears. I missed the first bus, stopped for a late breakfast and another stop to change tyres (it turns out the Mud Kings were needed) and I still managed 5 practice runs. I heard some people managed 7 runs before racing started, that can’t be said for all one-day DH events. With a track as steep and narrow as this a few red flags are inevitable and that caused some hold ups during the day but that has to be expected. These were mainly during practice though and didn’t affect racing too much, apart from a rather dazed Russ Paver who went down hard on his first run. Still got back up and did his second run though, if a little dizzy, hope the head’s ok now. Racing came and went quickly with only that one delay, ride of the day has to go to the fastest ride of the day on this occasion – youth rider James Purvis with a storming time of 1:33:424, good effort.


Time to clean the bike and sort out the gear for the following days enduro, thanks to Carl and team for another brilliant event, thanks to Michael for his fantastic chilli dogs, even though Phil did nearly ruin them. A few pints in Alwinton and I was ready for bed.


Results –


Juvenile –

Cory Watson             2:06:263

Alec Geyer                2:09:404

Oliver Dawson          2:29:917


Youth –

James Purvis            1:33:424

Daniel Butterfield     1:53:850

Ross Swinton           2:06:800


Women –

Rachel Simpson      3:41:025

Janine Wolstenholme 4:25:199

Gil Dando                  9:59:528


Veteran –

Mark Weightman      1:43:757

Shaun Kelly              2:01:518

Alan Turnbul            2:06:858


Master –

Andy Kipling             1:43:934

Chris Ashworth        1:47:318

Chris Lazenby          1:49:724


Junior –

Joe Mallen                1:56:372

Ruarridh McRitchie 1:58:328

Christian Harrison   2:04:627


Senior –

Craig Evans              1:38:111

Mike Newbould        1:45:861

Ryan Martin              1:47:337


Expert –

James Hughes         1:35:589

Callum McRitchie    1:42:554

Steven Turnbul        1:43:995



Elite –

Pete Williams            1:33:667

Dan Critchlow          1:38:754

Alex Florain              1:41:939


Full results on


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BDS Bringewood Rd 5

Last weekend saw the last round of the British Downhill Series at the popular venue of Bringewood, near Ludlow, Shropshire. This venue has been in use for years by both the BDS and Pearce Cycles with lots of tracks and different combinations available to mix it up a bit.

I arrived late afternoon Friday in good time for a track walk and to set up camp, having not been to Bringewood myself for a year or two I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to walk the track. Upon inspection I was pleased, nothing to technical but it looked fun and fast with plenty of bits to make up or lose time. The main character of the track was tight and twisty through dense trees interspersed with jumps and sections to pump through.

Come practice on Saturday morning I was on the first uplift and faced with a damp track, not too wet but the well used course was hard packed and greasy. This soon dried up through the morning though and the speeds picked up, helped by the incredible grip offered to me by the Continental Der Kaiser Projekt tyres. Unfortunately a result of this extra speed was me having a minor issue on the bomb hole jump, ripping my rear mech in half. I limped down to the pits, after leaving my bike with Shimano for half an hour they had very kindly fitted a new rear mech free of charge, thank you very much. Time for three more practice runs before the uplift closed and an early night before race day.

Up early on Sunday for a bike check, some porridge and back on the first uplift. The course was running well now, good and dry but not too dusty, three quick practice runs left enough time for a short rest and some pasta before seeding. I went up early for seeding to check a few corners near the top before my run just to settle some unanswered questions. Questions answered and I was ready for seeding, unfortunately I took it too steady trying to be safe and get a time, too cautious in too many places didn’t give me the qualifying result I wanted – 16th. Time for more food before the race and a quiet word to myself about getting it together.

On the start line for the race and I was in a good frame of mind, I had been riding well all weekend but just too safe in seeding, time to step it up a bit now. Out of the gate and I was  hitting my lines, pedaling out of corners where I hadn’t before, I had stepped it up for the big event. Into the bomb hole jump however things quickly unravelled as I nosed it in too early and didn’t make it, the bike hitting the landing and me being catapulted into the take off for the following jump. I picked myself up, convinced the now large collection of onlookers I would be ok and carried on with my run.  To finish 22nd when I was aiming for a top ten is a disappointment but I knew in myself that I had been riding well all weekend up to that point, so that is a consolation.

A weekend off now so some time for more training before the last round of the UK Gravity Enduro series at Eastridge on the 7th/8th of September. I’ll try my best to keep it rubber side down for that.

Chris Lazenby.

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DMR Vault Pedals (Brendog Edition)

I’ve always been a fan of DMR pedals and still have various pairs of old V12s knocking about in the workshop, but as pedal design has moved on I’ve tried other brands; some ok and some not. As it happens here we are back with DMR. The Vaults are fantastic, especially when coupled with the undeniable brilliance of a pair of 5:10s. The platform is a good size to match the width of the 5:10 rubber, and they are also pretty slim at 17mm but they’re not so thin that I’m worried about them giving up. There are lighter pedals on the market but as these come in at a very respectable 400g for the pair, I feel they have found the right compromise of weight and strength. They also come with an extra set of longer pins should you need them but with good rubber I’ve found the standard ones offer superb grip even in the wet slush and snow we are currently experiencing. You can buy cheaper pedals for sure but you can also spend a lot more. I can see a pair of these appearing on my other bikes soon…need I say more?

Chris Lazenby.

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Northern Downhill Hamsterley Transmission race rescheduled

After a winter of poor weather and little riding I was very much looking forward to my season opener at Hamsterley. A nice event to warm up for the season on trails I’ve ridden before. It wasn’t to be. The weather has stepped in again, this time with a blanket of the white stuff completely engulfing the area around Hamsterley. The event has been re-scheduled for 17/02/13.

Chris Lazenby.

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Hamsterley trail bike race is in 3 weeks, can’t wait!

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New race kit coming soon


Troy Lee Jerseys came in large, which was a completely different size to my other Troy Lee large so they have been sent back.

Mediums are on the way, and this is our design.

Photos of shirts on riders on bikes  will be posted when we have them.

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What is our Youtube channel about?

Our youtube channel will contain videos made by us related to Enduro racing, hopefully including footage from races and events that we attend.

We have also started making some videos of Strava segments, some of these are not/ will not be very well produced but are intended for information. i.e. to show you what the segment is like. We will also try to make some ‘produced’ strava videos with some more intersting shots and production.

Our channel is also a good way to help you find interesting mtb videos by looking at our subscriptions and recently viewed videos


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2013 Enduro

We hope to be racing at all UK gravity Enduro events in 2013, waiting for venues to be announced.

We are looking for events to race through the winter, any suggestions are welcomed.

UK Gravity Enduro 2013

8th Sep 2013 2013 UK Gravity Enduro #5 venue TBA
18th Aug 2013 2013 UK Gravity Enduro #4 venue TBA
26th May 2013 2013 UK Gravity Enduro #3 venue TBA
28th Apr 2013 2013 UK Gravity Enduro #2 venue TBA
31st Mar 2013 2013 UK Gravity Enduro #1 venue TBA

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