NDH #3 2013 Kidland- Race Report



Northern Downhill – Kidland – October 2013

Master’s Podium NDH #3

On the journey up to the race on Friday afternoon I was hoping not many changes had been made to the Kidland track, it is a track that suits me perfectly. Steep, tight and loose, these are a few of my favorite things. On track inspection I was happy, a few minor alterations to the taping opened up new lines, some of which weren’t easy in the mud but if hit correctly were certainly the way to a faster time.


As the very top of the hill has recently been felled, the track now starts a little lower down at the top of the existing trees. The first chute sent you into a very dark and tight section, those with lights possibly had a little advantage here. It was only dark for a short while but luckily no big obstacles here, just narrow between the trees. Out of the dark just in time for the start of the wet roots as the track entered a more open area of woodland and some fantastic rocky corners before a rather difficult narrow path section. This was awkward as entry speed was low and the wrong line choice had you trying to gain speed through a boulder field. A couple of small, tight bus stops and the track turned down into the best section of track I’ve ridden in a long time. It easily compares to the wooded Nationals track at Llangollen, steep chutes and very tight corners. Loose the bike here and the race was over, you could be falling for days. Some new lines here meant that various sections could be straight lined right down the fall line, hard to get onto in places but the speed carried through the following section was immense. A few loose rocky corners, a big drifty left hander over some roots and into the final section which many a rider struggled with. A low line to avoid the roots or jump over the top into a small compression before rising up and dropping down into a very steep and off camber right hand corner through the finish. The course needed your full attention to the very end, many attempts were ruined on that final corner, I only just managed to save mine despite Phil Grimes willing me to fall off.


Come practice Saturday morning and time to decide on tyres, I couldn’t decide to stay with the Der Kaisers already on the bike or go with Mud Kings. The tracks reasonably rocky nature lead me to go with the Der Kaisers. With a good uplift route and a quick turn around it was possible to get in plenty of practice despite some peoples fears. I missed the first bus, stopped for a late breakfast and another stop to change tyres (it turns out the Mud Kings were needed) and I still managed 5 practice runs. I heard some people managed 7 runs before racing started, that can’t be said for all one-day DH events. With a track as steep and narrow as this a few red flags are inevitable and that caused some hold ups during the day but that has to be expected. These were mainly during practice though and didn’t affect racing too much, apart from a rather dazed Russ Paver who went down hard on his first run. Still got back up and did his second run though, if a little dizzy, hope the head’s ok now. Racing came and went quickly with only that one delay, ride of the day has to go to the fastest ride of the day on this occasion – youth rider James Purvis with a storming time of 1:33:424, good effort.


Time to clean the bike and sort out the gear for the following days enduro, thanks to Carl and team for another brilliant event, thanks to Michael for his fantastic chilli dogs, even though Phil did nearly ruin them. A few pints in Alwinton and I was ready for bed.


Results –


Juvenile –

Cory Watson             2:06:263

Alec Geyer                2:09:404

Oliver Dawson          2:29:917


Youth –

James Purvis            1:33:424

Daniel Butterfield     1:53:850

Ross Swinton           2:06:800


Women –

Rachel Simpson      3:41:025

Janine Wolstenholme 4:25:199

Gil Dando                  9:59:528


Veteran –

Mark Weightman      1:43:757

Shaun Kelly              2:01:518

Alan Turnbul            2:06:858


Master –

Andy Kipling             1:43:934

Chris Ashworth        1:47:318

Chris Lazenby          1:49:724


Junior –

Joe Mallen                1:56:372

Ruarridh McRitchie 1:58:328

Christian Harrison   2:04:627


Senior –

Craig Evans              1:38:111

Mike Newbould        1:45:861

Ryan Martin              1:47:337


Expert –

James Hughes         1:35:589

Callum McRitchie    1:42:554

Steven Turnbul        1:43:995



Elite –

Pete Williams            1:33:667

Dan Critchlow          1:38:754

Alex Florain              1:41:939


Full results on www.rootsandrain.com


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