DMR Vault Pedals (Brendog Edition)

I’ve always been a fan of DMR pedals and still have various pairs of old V12s knocking about in the workshop, but as pedal design has moved on I’ve tried other brands; some ok and some not. As it happens here we are back with DMR. The Vaults are fantastic, especially when coupled with the undeniable brilliance of a pair of 5:10s. The platform is a good size to match the width of the 5:10 rubber, and they are also pretty slim at 17mm but they’re not so thin that I’m worried about them giving up. There are lighter pedals on the market but as these come in at a very respectable 400g for the pair, I feel they have found the right compromise of weight and strength. They also come with an extra set of longer pins should you need them but with good rubber I’ve found the standard ones offer superb grip even in the wet slush and snow we are currently experiencing. You can buy cheaper pedals for sure but you can also spend a lot more. I can see a pair of these appearing on my other bikes soon…need I say more?

Chris Lazenby.

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